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Business Outreach Magazine Features One of the Top Minds on 40 under 40

Leadership and innovation goes hand in hand when it comes to development of an economy. The innumerable amount of hard work that goes behind the strategic approach for scalability shapes the very core of creativity. Business Outreach Magazine took it as a top objective to feature some of the brightest minds in our 40 under 40 2023 monthly edition.

Business Outreach

The goal has always been and will be to put forward the definition of entrepreneurship draped with compassion and gratitude. When we look closely into this month’s approach, our magazine covered leaders from a diverse range of industries from skincare, technology, real estate, drone technology, healthcare, talent acquisition, corporate communications, digital marketing and many others. Getting to know these forward-thinkers is an extremely insightful experience.

Dr. Debanjoy Goswami

Dr. Debanjoy Goswami is a renowned skincare entrepreneur aiming to provide top quality services for his clients. He built Dgcosmetico with the goal of creating a community that empowers premium products at an affordable rate. The 23 year old compassionate leader takes a pivotal note to offer free consultation and services, where his clients reach him for several follow-up visits. Professionally, Dr. Debanjoy finds immense fulfillment when he gets motivation from his mother. Coming forward and serving the society with his knowledge and expertise has allowed Dr. Debanjoy to maintain a diverse clientbase.

Under the leadership of Dr. Debanjoy Goswami, Dgcosmetico has been providing a positive impact towards its clients. Dr. Debanjoy is very vocal about the health of his client’s skin and often advises “Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a long time.” The fast-paced society inspires Dr. Debanjoy to adapt to the latest market trends, where he ensures that his clients get the best skincare solutions under his guidance.

Navjot Singh Sandhu

Navjot Singh Sandhu empowers technological advancements with leadership, consistency and hard work. Heis at the forefront of technological progress offering multiple products and services across Telecom, Media, Broadcast, Data Center, IT, Aviation, Green Energy and Real Estate. Navjot Singh Sandhu has always advocated taking calculated risks to yield maximum growth for his company. In full transparency, Navjot wants us to understand that when there is a passion towards tech and innovation, no amount of time can equate that with the scalability of the company.

Being curious about the latest developments in the tech sector, Navjot Singh Sandhu founded Abacus to penetrate the market for growth and scalability. The company Abacus is highly equipped with services like VPS Hosting, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Rack Space, Bare Metal Servers, Interconnections, Storage Solutions, Content Delivery and Manage Network Services. Navjot Singh also actively contributed to social and environmental causes through tech-driven initiatives, making a positive difference in the world. He has also mentored and inspired the next generation of tech entrepreneurs, fostering a culture of innovation and sharing knowledge and experience.

Ramneet Kaur Bhasin

Ramneet Kaur Bhasin is currently heading the Corporate Communications & Strategy division for Padma Shri Vikramjit Singh Sahney, Honorable Member of Parliament – Rajya Sabha. Her resilience towards enhancing productivity is the contributing factor behind immense professional development. She is a strong woman pursuing her desire to scale as a successful corporate leader. Ramneet Kaur Bhasin has one objective as a corporate communication professional and that is to bridge the gap between organizations goals and stakeholders understanding.

She is very vocal about her thoughts towards a project and considers it as a key for effective collaboration and professional fulfillment. Due to Ramneet’s take on clear communication strategy, she has been successful in identifying any shortcomings to a business objective and handled it seamlessly. Ramneet Kaur Bhasin is an exceptional leader who has picked up indispensable experience from a distinguished career. She says, “Be a learner for life.”

Poonam Chaudhary

Poonam Chaudhary is a visionary in the real estate industry. Her stellar leadership skills allowed her to scale companies towards massive growth. Poonam ensures minimum investment and maximum business. Her strategies generated Rs. 35 crore business with just Rs. 9000 of marketing. In Bahadurgarh, she spent about Rs. 10 lakh and generated about Rs. 280 crore business. Poonam felt the limitless opportunities in a career-oriented individual. It is hugely inspirational to seek such leaders in modern times, who are women, magnificent and exceptional. Poonam Chaudhary became the head of sales and marketing of Purvanchal, a renowned brand of real estate. She was given the Royal City, Purvanchal project.

Without taking a single leave in 6 months, Poonam achieved the business target provided to her by the CMD. Poonam’s massive leaps of success does not stop here. She was the senior vice president. HL Residency, where she handled a high rise project in Bahadurgarh. Although the local real estate network was against the high rise project, Poonam Chaudhary worked 16 to 17 hours a day and handled crm, sales, marketing, vetting of documents, graphic designing. She said, “Limit only exists in mind.”

Yogesh Thakur

Yogesh Thakur is a strategic digital marketer in the real estate industry. Yogesh Thakur invested hundreds of hours to get well-versed in real estate and gradually incorporated various digital marketing pathways. He has been in the industry for over a decade. But at that time, digital marketing was at a nascent stage. And it has been highly challenging to Yogesh to convince real estate moguls to embrace digital marketing strategies into their traditional mindset. With an engineering degree, Yogesh’s analytical prowess helped him achieve his goals as a digital marketer.

A mindset of continuous personal development has inspired Yogesh to put his foot into the remarkable opportunities in Artificial Intelligence. He has worked with Omaxe Limited, one of the top 10 real estate developers in India, with a notable presence in 8 states and 29 cities. Within 30 days of joining Omaxe, he was swiftly promoted from GM marketing to AVP, which is a proactive conclusion from Yogesh’s expertise in his work. Yogesh said, “Dream with clarity, act with purpose, and let passion be your guiding light.

Vishal Surani

Vishal Surani is a remarkable leader in the cryptocurrency industry embracing innovation and strategy. He is the Chief Managing Director of Crypto Tex Coin (CTEX). Vishal’s technical business acumen with his computer engineering degree is effectively sculpting entrepreneurship and technological pathways. Vishal Surani’s immense dedication toward his work has played a pivotal role in understanding the intricate technical aspects of blockchain technology.

This knowledge has strategized the growth and success of Crypto Tex Coin, a company deeply rooted in the blockchain ecosystem. Vishal Surani is very vocal about an inclusive work culture that portrays clear communication and transparency towards team goals. Being a phenomenal leader, Vishal is always empowering an environment of care and team support. His vision is centered on adaptability and ethical leadership, striving to create positive change in the organizations he leads.

A great product benefits a market. But a great leader benefits a nation. It is the statistics that indicate that leaders with resilience take a nation towards excellence. Our 40 under 40 2023 edition is a beacon for entrepreneurship that could aspire leaders of tomorrow to test their limits and ultimately build some of the greatest products for society. Looking into a broad range of industries, we could analyze that visionaries share the same passion for productivity. It is the beauty of the entrepreneurship that 40 under 40 2023 clients have skillfully portrayed through their success stories.

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