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Fischer Joins IPAI – Europe’s Largest AI Ecosystem

Fischer Joins IPAI - Europe's Largest AI Ecosystem

The fischer Group of Companies has recently joined the IPAI, becoming part of Europes largest AI ecosystem. Mr. Mayank Kalra, Managing Director of fischer India, believes that this collaboration will not only benefit the company but also have a positive impact on the Indian construction industry. According to Mr. Kalra, being a member of the IPAI provides an opportunity to harness the potential of AI for transformative change in the world, aiming to improve lives through innovative advancements.

fischer Joins IPAI – Europes largest AI Ecosystem

The Innovation Park Artificial Intelligence (IPAI) is currently being built in Heilbronn. The IPAI aims to become the most significant ecosystem for applied artificial intelligence (AI) in Europe, and the fischer Group of Companies has become its latest member. fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG Corporate Communications Klaus-Fischer-Strae 1 72178 Waldachtal As part of the IPAI project in Heilbronn, laboratories, a data centre, a startup innovation centre, restaurants, daycare centres and apartments are being built on an area of 30 hectares by 2027. The aim is to become a new hub for trusted, applied AI in Europe and the world. The IPAI also considers itself an innovation platform and transformation accelerator for AI activities in research, business and public institutions. Players from the fields of science, business and public institutions jointly advance the development and application of AI at the IPAI. One of the members of the IPAI is the fischer Group of Companies from Germany’s northern Black Forest.

At the IPAI, we can develop new tools and opportunities for responsible AI applications that will advance our company and our industry,” says Matthias Schneider, Managing Director Digital Services and IT at the fischer Group of Companies. fischer is using the infrastructure, contents and resources of the association to increase the performance and efficiency of its internal processes while finding innovative ways to create added value and continuously optimise its customer experience. AI is already being used in the administrative and production departments at the fischer Group of Companies. “AI tools don’t replace human expertise; instead, they take some of the work out of our day-to-day business, allowing us to focus on important key tasks,” Matthias Schneider emphasises. “One of the main aspects we’re focusing on as an IPAI member is driving the research and application of AI, robotics and digitalisation in the construction industry.

With its wide range of digital services for the building sector, the company is already able to contribute plenty of expertise, innovative power and its proximity to markets and target groups. fischer’s 360-degree services optimise the supply chain of the entire construction industry, from the planning, construction and operation of buildings. Solutions include innovations in the field of BIM, automated construction and connected fastening products in the Internet of Things.

The BauBot robot can autonomously drill holes on the construction site, while the fischer Construction Monitoring sensor innovation provides an efficient IoT solution for monitoring prestressing forces in existing fastenings. Digital offers include apps and software tools to design, select and use the products. As part of the IPAI, the company will now continue to develop its solutions and put them to the test in the field. “AI offers applications and solutions for tasks that were previously impossible, or only possible with a great deal of effort, thereby increasing efficiency, reducing labour shortages and maintaining our competitive power,” Matthias Schneider states. “The IPAI allows us to further tap into the potential of AI to change the world and improve our lives.

The fischer Group of Companies

The fischer Group of Companies, headquartered in Waldachtal in Germany’s northern Black Forest, generated sales of 1.14 billion euro in 2022 with a worldwide staff of 5,600 employees. The family-owned company operates 51 subsidiaries in 39 countries and exports to more than 120 countries. It includes the five divisions: fischer fixing systems, fischer Automotive, fischertechnik, fischer Consulting and fischer Electronic Solutions.

fischer fixing systems is the technological market leader in key areas of fixing technology. fischer offers products that deliver technical perfection to a wide range of customers, from do-it-yourselfers to tradespeople to key account partners.

fischer Automotive manufactures high-quality parts for vehicle interiors. The company is highly competent in the plastics processing segment and is an important partner for the automotive industry. Its range of products includes air vents, cup holders, trays and multi-function components.

With its construction kits, fischertechnik is active in both the toymaking and the educational sector. fischertechnik is one of the last remaining toy makers to exclusively develop and produce in Germany.

fischer Consulting evolved from the competence developed in the company itself, which includes the fischer ProcessSystem with its central aim of permanent improvement for the ultimate benefit of the customer. fischer Consulting advises small and medium-sized businesses, government agencies and major companies on their path towards lean and efficient processes.

fischer Electronic Solutions develops and manufactures electronic solutions including product and system developments based on the latest technology as well as custom production orders processed in the company’s own production facilities. As an experienced provider of development and production services for custom systems such as multi-touch solutions made of glass and the corresponding controller units, fischer Electronic Solutions forms the perfect link between the customer and the final product. www.fischer.group.

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