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Happiness is directly related to health.This notion is quite underrated in the present context. The definition of holistic health involves many factors. It requires a 360-degree perspective to understand the real meaning of health and happiness.

 The components of holistic health are as follows:

  1. Physical
  2. Mental/emotional
  3. Social/cultural
  4. Economic/financial
  5. Spiritual health


  • Physical health encompasses the following:
  1. Children: malnutrition, maternal health
  2. Adolescents: general health, puberty, menstrual hygiene, bodily changes
  3. Young adults: reproductive health, work-life balance, overall health
  4. Elderly: old age issues, overall health


  • Mental/emotional includes the following:
  1. Children: socio-economic status, education, home environment
  2. Adolescents: substance abuse, adolescent issues, relationship issues, peer pressure
  3. Young adults: financial issues, work stress, career issues, parenting issues, marital problems
  4. Elderly: old age problems, caregiving, palliative care


  • Sociocultural well-being has the following components:
  1. Socio-economic conditions
  2. Social roles
  3. Healthy social relationships
  4. Inclusion or exclusion by society
  5. Cultural differences, prejudices, and stereotypes
  6. Social status


  • Financial and economic well-being
  1. Basic financial needs
  2. Unemployment
  3. Financial literacy
  4. Financial stability
  5. Standard of living


  • Spiritual well-being:
  1. Freedom to follow and practice spiritual activities
  2. Easy access to spiritual places
  3. Contribution of spiritual leaders to uplift society
  4. Availability of spiritual groups and communities
  5. Preserving the vast and diverse cultures and philosophies
  6. Teaching and transferring spiritual wisdom to the younger generations

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