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Wipro Files Lawsuit Against Former CFO Who Joined Cognizant

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Bengaluru, India: Wipro, one of India’s leading IT services companies, has filed a lawsuit against its former Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Jatin Dalal, who recently joined rival company Cognizant. The lawsuit alleges that Dalal breached his employment contract and fiduciary duties by sharing confidential information with Cognizant before he departed from Wipro.
Allegations of Misappropriation of Confidential Information
Wipro’s complaint, filed in the Karnataka High Court, accuses Dalal of misappropriating confidential financial information, business strategies, and customer data during his tenure at Wipro. The company claims that Dalal downloaded and transferred sensitive documents to his personal devices without authorization, in violation of Wipro’s policies and procedures.
Potential Impact on Wipro’s Business
Wipro contends that Dalal’s actions could harm the company’s business by providing Cognizant with an unfair advantage in the competitive IT services market. The lawsuit seeks to prevent Dalal from disclosing or using any of the confidential information he allegedly obtained while working at Wipro.
Cognizant’s Response
Cognizant has denied the allegations made by Wipro, stating that the company has a strict policy against the use of any confidential information obtained from former employees. Cognizant has also expressed confidence that Dalal will be exonerated from any wrongdoing.
Legal Implications and Industry Impact
The lawsuit has drawn attention to the legal and ethical implications of employees moving between competing companies in the IT industry. It raises questions about the protection of confidential information and the potential for conflicts of interest when employees switch jobs.
The outcome of the lawsuit could set a precedent for how companies handle the transfer of confidential information between employees and competitors. It could also impact the mobility of talent within the IT industry.
Wipro’s Request for Injunction
Wipro has requested the court to grant an injunction restraining Dalal from disclosing or using any of the confidential information he allegedly obtained while working at Wipro. The company has also sought damages from Dalal for breach of contract and fiduciary duties.
Dalal’s Defense
Dalal has denied the allegations against him and has stated that he will vigorously defend himself in court. He claims that he did not breach any confidentiality obligations and that the information he possesses is not confidential.
Ongoing Legal Proceedings
The lawsuit is currently ongoing, and the court has not yet issued a ruling. The outcome of the case will be closely watched by both Wipro and Cognizant, as well as the broader IT industry.
The importance of Protecting Confidential Information
The case highlights the importance of protecting confidential information in the competitive business environment. Companies invest significant resources in developing proprietary information, and they have a legitimate interest in preventing that information from falling into the hands of competitors.
Employee Mobility and Conflict of Interest
The lawsuit also raises questions about employee mobility and the potential for conflicts of interest when employees move between competing companies. Companies need to balance the right of employees to pursue career opportunities with the need to protect their confidential information.
The outcome of the Wipro-Cognizant lawsuit will have implications for both companies and the IT industry as a whole. It will set a precedent for how courts handle cases involving the misappropriation of confidential information and conflicts of interest. The case is also likely to influence how companies manage the transfer of employees between competing organizations.

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