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Apple iPhone 15, iPhone 14, and iPhone 13 now available at Flipkart offers

Apple iPhone 15, iPhone 14 and iPhone 13

The Apple iphone on Flipkart, a renowned marketplace for e-commerce and a major e-commerce platform in India is well-known for its high-end sales and discounts, particularly during the holiday season. Recently, they offered “unbelievable” prices on Apple iPhones, which include the latest iPhone 15, iPhone 14, and iPhone 13. Although the possibility of getting the top iPhone for a bargain price is certainly appealing, you must scrutinize the deal and determine the extent to which it lives up to expectations.

Flipkart is hosting a Month-End Mobiles Fest, with large discounts on popular iPhone models like as the Apple iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 14 Plus, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The Month-End Mobiles Fest on Flipkart is presently running till March 30, offering customers four more days to take advantage of the iPhone offers. Discounts include both flat rate reductions and bank promotions.

Apple iPhone Price

The Apple iphone Price 14 starts at Rs 56,999 for the 128GB storage option, with a flat discount of Rs 12,901. Flipkart Axis Credit Card customers will receive an additional Rs 750 discount on UPI purchases as well as Rs 2,850 cashback.

The iPhone 15 is priced at Rs 66,999 for the 128GB model, with a flat discount of Rs 12,901. Flipkart Axis Credit Card customers can get an additional Rs 3,350 discount.

iPhone 13: Available for Rs 52,999, further discounted to Rs 51,999 with HDFC bank credit card and Rs 2,650 with Flipkart Axis Credit Card.

Exchange offers provide additional reductions, which vary depending on the device’s age and condition.

Other iPhone Models

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is currently available for Rs 1,48,900, down from the initial launch price of Rs 1,59,900. Similarly, the iPhone 15 Pro is priced at Rs 1,27,990, a reduction from its initial India launch price of Rs 1,34,900. Additionally, the iPhone 14 Plus is presently available for Rs 66,999.

During the Month-End Mobiles Fest, Apple iphone Offers customers may take advantage of numerous bank discounts and exchange deals on Flipkart’s platform.


In Conclusion, The latest Apple iPhone models, including the iPhone 15, iPhone 14, and iPhone 13, are now being offered at discounted prices on Flipkart. Apple Phone iphone Customers can take advantage of these “unbelievable” offers to purchase their desired iPhone model at a more affordable rate.

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